Hi, my name is Marlon, you can often find me around the internet with my typical username esolitos.

If you want to contact me you can contact using one of those services:

Are those links enough? I think so, if you think it's not enough here's my facebook.

Ok, we got your links, but who are you?

Good question, I can describe myself as a resourceful developer, I did study graphic design at first, but after that I switched to computer science, I always had a passion for the web since I got in touch with it in the late 90's with my 56k modem.
I recently moved from Italy to Norway and I work in for Ramsalt as Drupal developer and SysAdmin. I have worked with Drupal since ~2010, and I realized that nowadays I'm using it for almost every site I put my hands on.

Switching out from work-related interests, I am an outdoor lover, probably this is related with the fact that I grew up in the countryside in a beautiful lake valley (more on this soon) where I also tried a bunch of different sports like Climbing, Snowboarding, Kite Surfing and Bike Downhill. Whenever I have a chance I tend to get carried away into sports, I'm always ready for a nice walk in the mountains or a bike ride down a steep path.

Once I get home, however, I easily get myself lost in completely different passions. I love spending hours in front of my projector watching the latest Doctor Who episode or any other tv series that I'm currently following.
I also try to play one of my board games as often as I can, I love spending hours trying to get the right combination to connect as many cities as possible in Power Grid, trying to conquer the galaxy with Eclipse, or killing the damn outlaws in Bang!.