<blog>Hello world!</blog>

Just an image.
Hello world!

This is probably one of the most printed strings in the history of computer programming, followed (or maybe preceded) by the variables foo and bar.

But wait... What is this all about?

Well, nothing, of course, this is just my first post in my newly created website, and since I can't upload a website without any content I had to make something up.
I figured that starting with a standard phrase, something that it's well known, clean and simple.

What should you expect to see in the (hopefully not too far) future on this site? 

Well, as the first thing I want to build up a page that explains a bit who I am, what do I do, what I like.. You know the typical profile related stuff.
Then basically on this blog I will post my daily discoveries about my world, which revolves around those topics:

  • Drupal
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Debian/Devuan and Ubuntu
  • Server Administration
  • Mac OS
  • ...and all this stuff. you have got the idea.

I do not exclude that occasionally I'll talkwrite about some random arguments, after all, is this a blog or not?

For now, that's all, I'll come back soon.